b&w / water

Water is a dynamic element but taking a picture with a long exposure exudes tranquility, which has a calming effect.

I used analogue film of 4 x 5 and 8 x 10 inch size to take the pictures.

Lake bridge Zinnowitz, Usedom, Germany
backwaters, Möwenort (Gnitz), Usedom, Germany
Port Zempin, Usedom, Germany
Warthe(Lieper Winkel), Usedom, Germany
Lake bridge Ahlbeck, Usedom, Germany
Tip of the Möwenort(Gnitz), Usedom, Germany
Lago Maggiore (Tessin), Switzerland
Ascona in the rain (Ticino), Switzerland
Ascona at night (Ticino), Switzerland
Investors, Ascona (Ticino), Switzerland